Troop OH-2456  EVENTS

We will try to keep this page up to date with the most current information about what is coming around the corner here at Trail Life Troop OH-2456

  • Join us for a campout  at Joel Menuez's  Cabin (2820 TR 31 Killbuck OH).Thursday, 5pm -Friday 2pm is for Mt Lions/Navigators/Adventurers...on Friday we will be going hiking during  the afternoon and return at 4pm.  All Woodlands/Navigators/Adventurers will be Friday 5pm evening to Saturday 4pm we will be at the property doing outdoor challenges, service projects, fishing, and having fun.  Bring a fishing pole and work gloves.  You can RSVP through Trail Life Connect.   If they are Hawks-Mt. Lions they can stay without an adult present Friday 5pm through Saturday, 5pm.   Note that woodlands are welcome to camp all weekend with a guardian/parent present.

  • May 27th we will march in the Nashville Memorial Day Parade meeting at the Nashville Elementary School at 11:30am.

  • We meet every month to discuss what is next and how we can improve.  During this meeting anyone who is going to Gettysburg needs to be there.  

  • Last year a Troop OH-2456 4 hour service donation was purchased and directed to be used at the Clark Community Center.  It is our pleasure to fulfill this donation and help out in anyway we can.  Come rain or shine we will be working.  

  • We will be taking our Adventure Zone to the Glenmont Homecoming.  We need adults and youth to help out! 

  • We will be taking our Adventure Zone to the Holmes County Fair for the kids Day.  .  We need adults and youth to help out! 

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