The Big Picture

For Trailmen at all age levels, activities are designed for adventure, learning, and leadership, all with the Christian emphasis that’s important to you.


Our younger guys learn new life skills through community outings and camping. Middle school aged Trailmen grow in their knowledge of outdoor and mountaineering skills and go on monthly excursions together to build character and teamwork.


Older high school aged Trailmen will encounter ambitious and challenging outdoor adventures, travel options, and our exclusive “Freedom Experience.”


Trail Life OH-2456 also replaced the common summer camp with our new uncommon “Summer Adventure” program, a high-octane experience combining fun with all the new skills you learn!



  • Foxes: K-1 Grade and/or 5 years old by October 31, 2023
  • Hawks: 2-3 Grade and/or7 years old by October 31, 2023
  • Mt Lions: 4-5 Grade and/or 9 years old by October 31, 2023

Navigators: 6-8 Grade  and/or 11 years old by October 31, 2023

Adventurers: 9-12 Grade and/or 14 years old by October 31, 2023

Troop Meeting Location and Time

TL Troop OH2456  meets  Tuesday evenings, 6:45-8:00p.m from September until April @ Nashville Church of Christ (13457 State Rt 39, Big Prairie OH) Fellowship Hall

This is not a “drop your kids off so they can do some coloring pages in hopes they catch a little outdoors skill and little but of Jesus.”   We have included information about the program, a checklist to help you stay on track during the registration process, our troop policy, proposed 2023-2024 calendar, Youth Member Health and Medical Form, Adult Connection Guide, & Adult Health Medical Forms